Simple Complexities

camera_20130629182504805Simple Complexities is a new project that I have started this summer. I have just created my latest camera project, it was built just for this type of project. The camera is a Polaroid 110 that has been highly modified. it features a 4×5 film back, full front and rear movement and about 15 inches of bellows draw. I use Fuji 100c instant film .camera_20130701122524751_20130701132829123

One of my favorite things in photography was Polaroid films. but do to the don’t give a shit mentality of greedy corporate America Polaroid decided they were more interested in building cool digital crap and no longer cared about their artistic clients. Fuji bought the patents and proceeded to create their own instant film. Frankly it isn’t even close to the beauty of Polaroid. The impossible project has been creating a replica film but only for the 600  series. they also make a 8×10 black and white  film, it is about 20 bucks a sheet, give or take, so dedication is definitely required.camera_20130621140214854

Fuji’s film is contrasty, using the front movements built into the camera, tilt/swings seem to soften the contrast out a bit and in the end seem to look pretty good.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with the results.camera_20130629144206100

Fuji did offer a full size 4×5 film, but has now discontinued it. That is another issue I have come across with Fuji, you never know if the films you are using will be available the next time you go to buy. camera_20130723101650485

This  Project I call Simple Complexities. I think there is nothing prettier than what Mother Nature can produce. We take for granted the beauty that is all around us everyday.  It was my goal to shoot simple creations of mother nature and show their complexities.  Some of them are pretty straight forward, while others take on an abstraction of sorts.  I use the bellows at full extension to create a macro effect while using the movements to create different levels of focus changes and added depth.rosebud

I plan for this to be an ongoing project and hope to add some b&w as well2013-06-03 12.08.30


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