Architectural Photography

bellevue2Architectural Photography work can be real challenging. With Digital cameras, tilt/shift lenses and Photoshop it can be easily mastered.

Exteriors are actually fun , you must have extreme patience. Your at the mercy of mother nature, and she can really raise havoc. The biggest thing to remember is to keep the camera straight to the subject, to keep it square and also keep the camera level. Every attempt to get the shot right in camera will keep the post work down to a minimum. this is extremely important when shooting a lot of images.actors guild

Interiors are a lot more challenging. There are many things to consider and usually a lot is happening in a relatively small space. Tungsten lighting is the norm but with different color temperatures and lighting it can be tough to make sense of it. I prefer to shoot strobes. They give a lot more natural look, they are daylight balanced and I have more control. As with exteriors it is important to stay level.burnside

and3I normally use the strobe with a standard 7 inch reflector. Basically you would bounce the light off the ceiling, floor, cabinets, whatever you have at your disposal but you still have to keep the lights stands and cords hidden from view. (make sure you check reflections for gear they always seem to be somewhere). sorrento-1

Usually you would have all of the interior lights on and the window light shining thru as well. One of the best tools to have is a long sync cord with a plunger on the end so you can pop the strobes multiple times while the shutter is open. Shots are usually made with the aperture closed down to get maximum focus area. and the shutter is set on B. the strobes will fill in the room and light it evenly. this is a balancing act and I will take multiple images at different exposures, in extreme conditions I will use Photoshop to adjust certain lighting areas so they look natural. The darker the interior the more power you will need. dark wood absorbs a lot of light.kitchen1

Yes it can be tricky but with the tools today you can put it together.


Overshoot the scene, because when you transform in Photoshop and crop it you don’t want to cut into the important pieces of the scene. Also you can make a selection around the lighting patterns and use hue/saturation to adjust the color of the light that way you can match the interior light with the window light. Exposure is very important especially with window light. It is extremely hard to brighten the lighting and make it still look natural if the light is to hot or bright than it will throw the contrast out of whack and will look phoney.

yellow4With a digital camera it is really important to make sure the noise reduction filter is turn on in the menu. Digital cameras have changed quite a bit and are really good at being more sensitive to low light applications. When the exposure gets longer the digital noise gets more intense. This can make a huge impact on the final image. This is a universal tip and can benefit many shooting applications.


It takes a lot of patience and a mechanical mind to tackle this medium, but with a little practice the interiors will stand up and say look at me.masterbath4


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