Media Storage

cloudsI feel like I should have written about this subject first. By the time Media storage becomes an issue its to late!!
I am the absolute worst offender and I am rediscovering the horror of poor storage.
People please do yourself a big favor and learn and use file organization and multiple back up techniques. I have had quite a time trying put together images due to poor storage. I had all my files on the computer and a stack of discs (but the discs were not the final outputs in most cases. The computer  hard drive crashed and everything is gone!! It is one of the worst feelings ever. So I urge you buy good quality hard drives and back up!!.
camera_20130923102014180At the same time I had all of my prints in a nice stack. The fiber b&w prints were fine. The digital prints were severely yellowed. The digital prints are definitely not archival and I hope that if they have not already addressed this problem, the industry sure should.
I had a bunch of digital prints in a light safe darkroom box. They were fine, so I would suggest this is a good way to store them. Really this is an important subject I hope that this is a wake up call for some one and saves a lot of heart ache.WATER1-1


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