Fashion Portraits

JackieThere is nothing more powerful than a portrait. I like to shoot close in, letting the eyes tell the real story. I like to do fashion portraits, choosing a theme and finding the props to tell the story. I do like to keep things simple. Complexity is sometimes a burden and can distract from the story.sarah2
Ideas come from everywhere. I like to look at work on the internet. Magazines are great, sometimes when I am looking for a vintage look I buy old fashion mags off E bay.  E bay is a photographers best friend, anything you need is a mouse click away. Be careful the costs can add up quick. Friends and second hand stores really help out, and keep the prices down.sara1
OK now I need a model and make up!! Listen a little advice here, unless you have friends that look natural in front of the camera, stay away. Testing out lighting and details are great but when your putting it all together, get what you really need.shannonprint2 Make up and wardrobe are also critical. If you don’t have the midis touch here, please find someone who does. A good source is they have a lot of models stylist and make artists, with a wide variety of experience levels. Another good idea is local modeling agencies that do testing. It takes a bit to get your foot in the door at first.(usually a dynamite portfolio).sarah1
Location shooting is great and adds dimension to your images. Make sure you take light disks or fill cards to help out. Also there are a lot of companies producing portable lighting gear and it really brings a shoot to a whole new level.vanessa
Studio portraits are fun, bring your creativity with you.laurie Nothing is off limits.You can mix light sources and use a lot of different light modifiers. One great idea is to look at images and try to figure out the sources and how they set them up. Keep your eye on the catch lights in their eyes that will help with the puzzle. If you need help with lighting you can email me and I can help.stephanie


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