Black & White Images

evinrudeB&W photography is a great creative medium and has stood the test of time since the inception of photography in the 1840s.
Every piece of the puzzle has to be done perfectly or the image is greatly effected or ruined.HarmsDavid21stAveBridge2008
I implore you to take the camera setting off of auto and let your imagination go. That is a very sophisticated tool which you hold in your hand. Let go and by all means think outside the box.

It doesn’t matter what system you use, digital or film, good images are made in camera!!.
Exposure is the most critical issue in photography. The image exposure has to be right in camera and then maintained throughout the process. One of the biggest misconceptions is the thought of fixing it in post(printing or Photoshop) It can be the difference between an image that prints the way it should and a nightmare at every turn.lawnmower
There are a couple of tricks that I can pass along here. I open up the iso for contact printing I open a full stop ie:400 speed I will shoot at 200 for example.
Usually printing I will open 1/2 stop. This gives a bit more meat in the negative.
HarmsDavidSilosTacomaWa2008Next I like to use filters for sky and contrast I like a yellow8 Not very often do I find a use for a red25. On trees and foliage I use a green filter to separate them from the trunks and the ground. Be very aware to compensate the fstop for the filter, for example a red 25 is -2.5 stops.
Film development is an art. If you are just starting out choose a film that has a good latitude. Make sure temp is  , don’t over agitate or develop to long. All three will have an adverse effect on contrast.fireextinguysher
Next I always selenium tone both my film and print. In film it gives a bit of boost in the medium and high range. In the print it darkens the blacks and whitens the white. While making your print totally archival (Fiber prints) I use a solution of 1:30 water. completely soak film or print then place it in the toner for 5 min agitate constantly and rinse for 45 min. Let dryfan.
There are many more tricks that come from time if you are having trouble email me and I can help.
Enjoy experimenting!!!!radiatorHarmsDavidMossyrockDamMossyrockWa2008


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