My New Camera Project. Wide Angle view

PSX_20170510_191032I’ve become obsessed with medium format roll film. I thought about purchasing a Hasselblad but still wanted the flexibility of a view camera. Really they still have the arcbody and those are really cool but with a wide angle lens and accessories my budget is really tight. I still love the thought of being able to build something that is capable of bringing to life images that you think of first and bring to light. This camera features a Grafton back to use roll film backs and instant films. ( but thier slowly fading away)  The camera is full of movements and features a beautiful 65mm f4 Nikon lens in a cope 0 shutter. I have a full array of b&w contrast and neutral density filters. So this camera is almost finished (except finishing). and my desire is back for creating new images. Stay tuned.


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