2015 Brings a brand new project

2015-09-07_15.24.47It has been about 2 years since I have added anything to the blog. I got a bit burnt out and a new job has taken my time but now it’s time for a new project!! I am really interested in Carbon printing. Ok maybe obsessed maybe a better word!. I started out by getting a old korona 8×10. When I bought it she was pretty well on the down and out!. The rail was half there and the gears were shot. No bellows ect. She was pretty well beat up. Now it is all a new. The rail has been rebuilt I add swings and tilts to the front. New bellows and new ground glass. I got a Rodenstock 360mm f6.3 in a Copal 3 shutter. It’s all done and we are about ready to shoot some film!!!. Along the way I built a new UV box and a contact frame. So my intention with this project is to make Carbon prints. I am a little funny about the way I do things. I always seek a challenge,and never just want to do things easy. So yeah you can by the tissue from bostick and sullivan but I figure if I start out making my own than eventually I can add that to my resume of things conquered in the vast world of photography. Eventually my goal is to be able to make my own prints including a dry film emulsion. We are so lucky that we live in a time where knowledge is just a click away. In that we are equally blessed to have people dedicated to craft,that are willing to share knowledge and give you the building blocks to try new things. I will start out with film and work on the carbon process first and then onto the next phase. I hope to have some results soon and will post when I do. Thanks. David 2015-09-07_15.19.43


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