Mika @2004 20" x 24" contact print

Mika @2004 20″ x 24″ contact print

Welcome to the Wanderingeyei’s Blog. I am a Photographer in the Seattle Washington area. I have been working in photography, most of my life, Professionally for about 12 years, not only taking pictures but also building custom cameras as well.puff

My thought was to use this blog to show my imagery. I  wanted it to have value for those who taken the time to look. I thought this would give me a good avenue to give some insight and tips to help the reader take better images and enjoy the craft. I have a vast knowledge of many different fields with in the photographic community.ferris wheel1

Thinking about doing this lead me to a revelation. that photography is not about equipment,No matter what film or format, digital or analog. The real truth about photography is the way each individual creates and impacts a feeling, a moment in time that can never be duplicated. It is a simple but amazingly complex world of light, design, and wonderment.  from wet plate cameras to instagram, from the youth that just looked in the viewfinder to the elderly person who has been searching for the perfect image their whole life. This is Photography.gen

I will say it now I hope this blog will be a interactive view of photography and I urge you to leave comments. Thank you so much for taking the time to have a look


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