The Art of Light

laurieOne of the major factors of photography is light, and the control of it. Lighting is a billion dollar industry and choosing what kind and how to use it is crucial to the image. My favorite by far is mother nature herself. Nothing better than a overcast day, natures soft box!tisha
In the studio there are a lot to choose from. Strobes and mono lights have been the norm for years. Since digital has emerged as the norm, the need for power has decreased and artists have found CFL’S and regular florescent fixtures to be quite useful and unique alternatives without the big expense. There are also tungsten lights and HMI, great for control and have a wonderful light quality.lauren1
Most photographers start out with a soft box. They give a nice quality of light and are easy to use. There are all kinds of accessories, soft boxes, umbrellas beauty dishes grids and spots fill cards and gobos (short for go between for blocking) and of course my favorite the I would suggest doing your research and looking at a lot of imagery, and spend some time at the lighting store to select the right gear for what you wish to achieve.kaycee


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